Before you call for a tow truck it’s imperative that have an idea of what is wrong with  your vehicle Luckily, you really don’t have to be a mechanic to make a quick diagnosis on your car or truck.  Certain quirks will be easily noticeable, so be sure to let the operator and driver know what is going on.

Problem Numer No 1:

If you’ve started your car and the steering wheel is wobbling back and forth you may have a tire problem or low power steering fluid.  If your vehicle was manufactured within the last 20 years you should have a warning signal within your dashboard go on.  If it’s an air pressure issue your tire gauge should light up.Although, if your tire treads are low and you drive over a pothole or a hard object such as an animal or rock, you may have severely damaged the tire..  The air may still be in the tire, but the tire may have a lump or is on the verge of exploding.  This can happen if you’ve hit something and continued to drive your vehicle for 10-100 miles.

Problem Numer No 2

Upon exiting your vehicle ALWAYS make sure that you have turned off your headlights, fog lights and interior lights.  This is the number one way to kill your battery.If your engine isn’t starting, you’ll know that your battery is dead.  To confirm this, you can test your batter by doing the following things:  1) check and see if your headlights or fog lights are left in the on position.  2) If not, have your interior lights turned on, or can you turn them on? This is usually the easiest way to detect the issue.  3) Lastly does your horn honk? If it doesn’t have any juice, then there’s a good chance that it’s just your battery.  And luckily, all you would have to do to get your vehicle running would be to call our team for much needed Roadside Assistance.

Jumpstartiing a vehicle is an easy task if you have the jumper cables ready.  We do advise calling a professional if you’re not sure how to use jumper cables.  If you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re susceptible of having sparks flying in your face or can damage your battery.

Let’s say you do know what you’re doing, but don’t have the actual cables. In the old day’s it used to be okay just to ask neighboring cars.  However times have changed and it’s not necessarily a good thing to start asking strangers for help. Depending on where you are physically located or the time of the day, you do run the risk of running into the wrong crowd.

We’ve heard negative stories of folks getting robbed in these scenarios.  So, please know the dangers and be cautious if you’re going in this route.

Problem No #3

Perhaps your lights have turned on, but your engine won’t start or the the keys in your ignition make a clicking sound when you turn them.   If your lights are on, then you may have one of two issues.1) Your spark plug may need to be replaced.
2) You may have a blown fuse

If this is an issue, just let the operator know that the engine is not starting.  This issue should be inspected by a trained professional. Also, know that you’ll hear these same sounds if it was a battery issue, but again, remember that if you lights are on and not dimming or dead, then chances are it’s not your car battery.


With those 3 issues clarified, you should have an idea of what’s wrong with your vehicle.  Always remember to circle your vehicle if anything looks, sounds, or smells troubling.

Other Problems

Other problems that may occur can be your engine overheating.  This can either be your thermostat sticking (which is when water from the radiator is not flowing to engine, which is needed to cool it) or you may be low on engine coolant.Other issues related to the car can be leaky fluids. Fluid tanks tend to crack after impact, so if you’ve gotten in an accident you’ll definitely want to circle your vehicle to see what if it is leaking or not.