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If you’re not from the Paterson area then you probably have no idea who to call.  Having your vehicle breakdown in an unfamiliar area is very stressful.  With all the major roadways that pass through Paterson, this can easily be a realistic situation if your from out of town.  

We understand how daunting it may be for you to find a reliable towing company (especially if driving in an unfamiliar area).  Your options are to either call through a list of local towing companies from google, or you can simply call us now to assist you.  

At Paterson Tow Truck, we offer long distance towing.   We can haul your vehicle as far as you need us to take it.  Keep in mind we’re a accurate, yet affordable towing company.  

Our friendly and courteous drivers will make this a pleasant trip for you.  One that hopefully made you feel less stressed and safe.   Our roadside assistance technicians are well qualified enough to make this an easy experience for you.  

long distance tow truck

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