No matter how often you take your precious car to an automotive shop for its regular preventive maintenance, if insufficient attention and checkup are rendered to your car’s battery, then it is still useless. A car’s battery is as precious as a human’s heart. Without it, the car’s engine will not have the power to start; more so, move. That is why it is imperative to know at least the basics of car battery handling, e. g. their first aid and answers to questions like when and how they should be replaced.  For instance, if you have forgotten to turn your headlights off especially if you are owning an old car where warning alarms are not programmed or installed and then your car is accidentally left as is, there is a big chance that your battery is already dead when you come back. And the only time you are able to realize it is when you attempt to turn the ignition key but the car is not responding.

While the stress from having a dead car battery can be alleviated with the help of a reputable and reliable roadside assistance and tow truck company nearby that is 24/7 ready to respond to road emergency situations like Paterson Town Tow Truck, it also pays to have the basic skills in jumpstarting your battery to bring your car back to life even for a temporary period.

Battery Jumpstarting
The process of jumpstarting your car’s battery per se is quite simple but it requires two things: jumper cables and another running car. That means you have to stock jumper cables in your trunk all the time. And along with that, you need to find another car that is running the moment you decide to jumpstart your battery. In totality, the jumpstarting process does not take more than five minutes.

Remember these key points:

First Phase – The Preparation: Your car and the other car must be turned off after facing each other at 18 inches apart. Keys of both cars must also be removed and both breaks engaged. This is to prevent sudden accelerations or movements. Along with this, make sure your car’s lights and radios are all switched off.

Second Phase – Battery Checking: Battery jumpstarting is considered unsafe and unadvisable if the battery appears to be in a bad condition i.e. it is frozen or leaking or if the battery’s casing has cracks as the battery may explode in the long run. Stop if this is the case. Otherwise, proceed on ensuring that both cars’ batteries have equal voltages. After that, determine the two poles of each battery,  identify and note which ones have positive and negative signs.

Third Phase – Battery Jumpstarting: You may now begin attaching the jumper cables. Start with the red positive cable. Clamp it to the dead battery’s positive terminal and attach the other end to the positive terminal of the other car’s battery. Wiggle the clamps to connect both firmly. And then proceed on the black cable. Do the same steps but this time, connect both ends on both batteries’ negative terminal.

Once all is set, clear the area. Put away cigarettes and other hazardous items and put your safety glasses on. Then start the other car’s engine and let it on. After a few minutes, start your car and try again until it works. If it does, carefully disconnect the cables in reverse order (starting with the black cable). As you do this, make sure both clamps do not touch each other. Then drive for a short while so that the battery can build up a charge.

The Dangers of DIY Jumpstarting

Jumpstarting the battery on your own may expose you to various threats. For one, if not handled properly, it can worsen the problem of your car or it can be too hazardous to deal with. Also, while it is tempting to ask help from a stranger, you can’t really be sure that you are taking the right path or, instead, you are getting yourself in for more danger. And despite that uncertainty, DIY jumpstarting does not always guarantee that it can salvage your car and put it back to a working condition. Imagine the hassle you may have put through only to find out the whole thing has failed.

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