Tow service calls take place after a critical roadside situation has occurred.  Having a cautious driver helps ensure that everyone else on the road or those involved in the particular roadside situation are safe from any hazards caused by the tow truck. As driving a tow truck entails a huge responsibility, if the truck operator is unable to drive in an efficient and agile manner, then that towing company is definitely not trustworthy. To help you choose a tow truck in Paterson better, keep in mind the following qualities that a good tow truck driver should possess:

1.      Excellent Driving Record. If the driver bears an excellent driving record, then there’s a high chance he’s really a qualified driver. The licensed driver should be able to present records to show that he’s really eligible for the job. Aside from upholding your vehicle’s value, another upside of this is that you get to potentially reduce the costs of vehicle operation. At the same time, a tow company can also benefit knowing their drivers are cheaper to insure.

2.      Passionate. Passion about driving is what a good tow truck driver should also possess. Apparently, not everyone who knows how to drive has the passion for it. These are the kind of drivers who easily lose their sense of focus and or aren’t friendly.  If not passionate about servicing customers, the driver is more likely to get distracted from the road. In the roadside assistance and 24 Hour towing industry, that’s a big NO.

Choose a tow company that deploys a focussed driver because that driver also needs to take into consideration all of the drivers driving past the roadside situation.  The driver must make sure that they are not exposed to harm or danger.

3.      Defensive. Defensive driving is a gift that lets the driver protect not only himself but also the people he shares the road with. A good tow truck driver takes defensive measures on the road because he never wants to get involved in road troubles and accidents. Being a defensive driver is a win-win offer that not only benefits in terms of people’s safety but also for the towing company in Paterson and other areas in New Jersey that want to keep safe and their insurance expenses low.

4.      Alert. A seasoned tow truck driver is alert and very aware of the many factors that can affect the quality of their towing response which include the quality and accessibility of the route, the traffic, and the condition of the vehicle to be towed. A good tow truck driver is keen enough to easily detect the presence of vibration, strange odor, or sound that can serve as an early warning signal of a threatening problem. He will then use his expertise and knowledge to evaluate the condition of the situation which is downright necessary to come up with an appropriate solution.

5.      Can Manage Stress. A good tow operator knows how to combat factors that potentially cause stress along the way. He’s able to keep his focus and only take setbacks in stride because he knows being able to manage stress is important to make sure he gets the job done.

6.      Versed in Vehicle Maintenance. A good tow truck driver knows that vehicle maintenance skills is vital to gauge if a vehicle is safe to get back on the roadways or otherwise. He should also be able to carry out minor repairs.

The mere fact that you are calling for a tow service already speaks volumes about the level of danger your situation could be in. Make sure you are counting on the right Paterson towing and roadside assistance company. Call us today

Good Tow Truck Driver