Why Choose Paterson Tow Truck?

Emergencies choose no time and place. With this, it is outright necessary to always come prepared so as to prevent situations from getting worse. The same applies with road emergencies. Other unfavorable circumstances can happen aside from your engine deciding to malfunction. You may run out of gas, suffer a flat tire after running over a nail (and simply failed to notice it early enough), you got locked out of car accidentally, or worse, you got into a road accident. It is normal to be skeptical in choosing which tow company to ask help from; picking the wrong one could mean you will be exposing yourself, your passengers, and your vehicles to more risks and dangers.

While you can find many towing and roadside assistance providers not just in Paterson but all throughout New Jersey, not all of them are worthy of trust. As a driver or a vehicle owner, it pays to have a reliable and trustworthy tow truck company you know you can call and count on at all times. That is why a lot of people choose the 24/7 operational P-Town Tow Truck among others. We are the #1 tow truck and roadside service company in Paterson and its neighboring towns because of the following reasons:

  •   We are reliable and trustworthy. Here at P-Town Tow Truck, our front-liners and response team are all set to respond to your call for help at  any time of the day, rain or shine! Because every second matters, our phone operator will immediately take your call and perform a brief interview to know your location. It is our all-time mission to respond to your location at the fastest time possible and alleviate your emergency situation. Constant availability is what we have that others lack.


  • We are supported only with modern, top-of-the-line tools and equipment. As we tow all types of vehicles, we make sure they are handled with outright care. Here at P-Town Tow Truck, we only use the latest, premium towing equipment and repair tools to preserve the value of your property. We invest in up-to-date equipment to serve our purpose of providing quality roadside and towing service at its best possible to every vehicle owner in need.  


  •  We charge a very reasonable, and affordable, tow service quote. Here at P-Town Tow Truck, you automatically get an access to highly skilled technicians and operators supported by premium tools and machinery to address your emergency concerns. We do not practice charging a flat fee because we value transparency. Moreover, we prioritize affordability; cheap tow truck and road emergency services are what we provide. With us, you can expect an honest, pocket-friendly quote from our skilled professionals.


  • We are a company of courteous and friendly professionals. We believe that in responding to emergencies, a positive approach is important to alleviate the situation of our customers. To ensure that we are able to provide our utmost quality of service, our friendly and positive competent skilled workers, from our 24/7 call support team to our highly trained technicians and operators, will make you feel at ease as they carry out their roadside and towing jobs. That way, you will feel comfortable to report or communicate issues.


  • Here at P-Town Tow Truck, your satisfaction is highly valued. We’ve been towing around Paterson for years now because we value customer satisfaction and preserve long-term relationships. We have been the #1 choice in Paterson because we do not just do it; rather, we only stop once you are safe from the road’s dangers and until our purpose is served. Because we want to make sure our customers are highly satisfied, we establish our presence in social media like Facebook and Google to get their pulse. Your satisfaction, next to your safety, is our priority.


  • We offer a wide scope of vehicle services. You only need to remember one hotline to get an access to almost all of your vehicle assistance and towing needs. Along with quality towing, we provide complementary services like tire replacement, fuel delivery, battery jumpstart, vehicle locksmith in Paterson, and a lot more. Wherever you are in and around Paterson, at a very reasonable rate, you are sure to get the upsides of our premium services.


  • P-Town Tow Truck is  licensed and insured. As this is a major role we are taking, we make sure we are manned with the right professionals and equipment. Our teams are highly trained and certified as much as we hold a lot of certifications from the earliest years until now. And yes, we are insured. Hence, your vehicles are guaranteed fine and at their preserved state the moment you choose us.

Get your best help on the road possible! Call P-Town Tow Truck now!