Do you know what type of tow truck you need?  Are you really that curious to know? If so, excellent! Perhaps you can learn a little something from this blurb.You’ve probably shopped around for a tow truck (but hopefully you’ve already called us).  Anyhow… If so, we’re sure that you read about all the different type of tow trucks that are out there.  Or you’ve most likely seen different towing vehicles along the highway.

Truth is, if you’re driving a small to medium sized vehicle then you’re basically only going to need one of two different types of tow trucks.  Bare in mind that the topic is a little confusing.  Depending on where you are in the country, these trucks can be called different names.

P-Town Tow Truck uses a flat bed and a hook and chain truck.  These two trucks can service to what some call “light-duty towing” and “medium-duty towing.”  This means that we can tow motorcycles, cars, trucks, suvs, and vans.

P-Town Tow Truck does not service “heavy-duty” jobs currently, however in time, this will be something that is catered to.  Heavy duty towing vehicles are much larger and can service tractor trailers, buses, fire engines, limousines, and other large towing vehicles.   Most of our Paterson Towing calls are generally small and medium sized vehicles.

Depending on the severity of your vehicle damage, or if your vehicle cannot go in neutral, we’ll most likely send out our flatbed truck.

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