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“Best Towing Company In ​Paterson, New Jersey”

For professional tow truck and roadside assistance services, look no further! 

We’re here to help your vehicle get up & running and back on the road.

P-Town Tow Truck (of Paterson, NJ) provides 24/7 Emergency  Service for all your Towing and Roadside Assistance
We’re quick to jobs and pride ourselves in providing a consistent quality towing service



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Tow Service Areas

– Clifton                         – Montclair
– Elmwood Park           – North Haldon
– Fairlawn                     – Passaic
–  Garfield                     – Parmus (208/Rt.17)
– Haledon                     – Patterson
Hawthorne                 – Wayne


How to safely wait for a tow truck
what type of tow truck do you need?
​- Ways to identify Your Problem

Why Choose Us?

​The real question is: WHY NOT CHOOSE US? 

We’re a proud, locally owned operation that understands our customers needs.  We always take our tow services calls extremely serious.  Why?  Because we know how terrible it is when you can’t go places with your vehicle.  We also know how vulnerable  it feels when your car is stuck in a dangerous or hazardous area.

Our goal is to be able to handle every call that comes our way.  If one of our tow trucks cannot be at the scene within 30-45 minutes upon receiving the initial  call then we truly feel like we’ve let our friends down.  

And we certainly pride ourselves in by providing a reliable roadside assistance service and friendly tow truck experience that’s affordable. 

No matter how bad of a bind you can find yourself in, we have all the experience needed in order to get you home safely.   


Paterson 24/7 Towing

Just when you think you’re about to go home, there’s always something that can happen with your vehicle to prevent you from leaving.  Nothing is worse than when your car is broken down at midnight.  At times like this you’re left with very few options.  

If you’re stuck around Paterson, New Jersey or any surrounding towns nearby, then give us a call.  

We’ll be over with one of our tow trucks as soon as we can.  If we happen to be tied up on a service call then we’ll send one of our trusted tow service partners over to  get you back on the road. 

Giving you the top towing service around Paterson is what we’re about (no matter what time of the day it is!), so feel free to call Paterson’s #1 Towing Company!

Roadside Assistance Services

  • Tire Repair 
  •  JumpStart
  • Unlocking
  • Gas Fuel Delivery

Recovery Service

  • Light Duty Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing 
  • Vehicle Relocation Services
  • Vehicle Storage
Whether you’re vehicle is broken down on the street or on the highway, we’ll have our crew over to you right away.  There’s a lot of busy roads near Paterson. so we know how stressful this can be for you, especially if it’s rush hour or late at night.  Our driver’s know nearly all the back roads within the surrounding area of Paterson, New Jersey.  

Which area is this exactly?

That means all of Paterson and the main highways that intersect nearby.   We’re talking Interstate 80, U.S. Highway’s 17 & 46  and lastly 19. 21, and 208.  Having a local to your vehicles aid when it matters most is what we do!  

Flat tires, overheated engines and locked doors seem to have a way at surprising us at the worst moments  If any of this has happened to you, then give us a call right now.  


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