Emergency Flat Tire Service

Part of our roadside assistance program is to take care of leaky or flat tires.  Driving with low air pressure in your tires can be a dangerous gamble, depending on the type of tires you have.  When you’re driving with older, low tread tires, anything can happen momentarily if the tire comes in contact with anything obtrusive or sharp.

If your tire light turns on all of a sudden, always pull the vehicle over to a safe area and check your tires. Don’t forget to turn off your engine.   If you hear any leaks or see that a tire is visibly lower than the others,  give us a call immediately!  

What We Do

  • Tire Changes

Knowing When To Replace Tires

  • Access The Damage
  • Consider The Tires Age  

Common Causes That Damage Tires

Tires can get damaged from endless possibilities.  However we do have common occurrences that we frequently see in Paterson.  

  • Potholes
  • Tire History
  • Construction
  • Slashing/Criminal Acts

No matter what the cause of the damaged tire is you’ll need to know when to call us.   if the tire is  severely damaged, beyond repair, we can always give you a tow to one of our trusted tire partners. 

24hr Flat Tire Change Services in Paterson, NJ | Tire Repair

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