Flatbed Truck Towing

When your vehicle is disabled, there are certain circumstances that we must take into consideration, before sending out a tow truck. As you’ll hear on the phone with one of our operators, we’ll need to know more about you vehicle.

Certain situations call for a flatbed tow truck. When a vehicle is damaged, too heavy, has all wheel drive, is low to the ground, or needs to move a long distance then that’s when a flatbed tow service is needed. Besides that, flatbed towing is
used for exotic, luxury and vintage vehicles for extra precautionary reasons.

Our flatbed truck utilizes hydraulic platform that lowers to the ground. One leveled, we winch the car by pulling with straps on top of the platform where it is then raised and held securely by harness.

Our Flatbed truck can tow all makes and models of the following:

  • SUV’s
  • Cars
  • Pick-Up Trucks
  • Vans
  • Minivans
  • Motorcycles
  • Small Trailers

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