Even those that maintain their vehicle’s preventive maintenance program are not guaranteed an emergency-proof car journey. Maintenance programs only reduce the likelihood of having car breakdowns and other mechanical-related issues. Even the regularly maintained cars can stop turning over, suffer from wiring glitches, or other non-technical issues involving tires, locks, lights, and breaks. 
Unfortunately, car emergencies can happen wherever you are, in town or on a long-awaited road trip.  
If you’ve done a web search for the phrase “cheap towing near me” to rescue you and your passengers from such a risky situation and came up short, you’re left with two options. Each option comes with a cost, including the towing cost, repair cost, and potentially rental cost. 
1. Go home with your busted car.
If the incident happened early in the day, this is ideal. The upsides of taking your car home include:
The ability to admit your car to a trusted car repair shop. Being able to go home safe is one thing, knowing your car is in good hands is another.Not needing to travel back and forth between your vehicle and your home, which can be costly.
Should you plan to take your malfunctioning car home, always prioritize seeking help from a reputable roadside assistance and 24 hour tow truck company. Keep the contact for a 24/7 tow company on hand at all times to assist in such circumstances. 
2. Repair it on site.
If having to pay the additional towing cost on top of the actual repair fee is not feasible, then you can always opt to repair on your own on-site. This is a cost-efficient solution if the problems are easy to solve and don’t require a vehicle locksmith, tire replacement, or other procedural tasks. 
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