Emergency Towing in Paterson, NJ

If this is a real emergency and if we’re the first organization that you’re calling, hang up and call 911.

Paterson Tow Truck provides vehicle recovery services to any vehicle that’s at the scene of an accident. When vehicles are damaged, they’ll need a professional towing company. Our towing technicians are experienced in hauling wrecked vehicles. Not every towing company can do these type of jobs.

We will give you a honest assessment before committing to any job. If a crash tow job requires additional support, then we can team up with our trusted partners to properly remove the damaged vehicle. The severity of collisions vary, so not every tow call is created equal.

Clearing the roadway after an accident is a serious ordeal. You don’t want to call the wrong towing service. Depending on the time of the day, our crew will get to the scene in 30-45 minutes. Although that may seem like a lot, this is the industry standard and we strive to meet your needs.

We’re open 24-7 and ready to handle just about anything that comes our way.

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