What did you do the last time you experienced a broken down car in the middle of a highway? You phoned a friend, didn’t you? Apparently, calling a friend isn’t the best solution, especially when something happens in the middle of the night. This is when you’ll understand why a tow truck operator can be your best companion when it comes to this kind of unexpected situation. Good thing you can seek help from a reliable towing company in Paterson that works 24/7. That means there’s no need for you to get stranded on the roadside any longer, wondering if hungry wild animals are watching you.

Find Out the Best Towing Services You Can Get From P-Town Tow Truck


Have you ever thought of why having 24-hour towing services in Paterson could benefit you? Luckily, some tow truck companies provide services from anywhere in their area. P-Town Tow Truck is capable of offering efficient services in Clifton, Garfield, Montclair, Wayne, and other nearby areas at any time. Remember that the need for certain roadside assistance when you are on trips or drives is very important. So here are the different towing services that P-Town Tow Truck provides:

Crash Towing

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. For this reason, it can be difficult to call for help when you are stranded on an isolated road. Fortunately, our crash towing service aims to assist you in bringing your car to the nearest auto services shop with just one phone call. We ensure you are provided with great towing technicians and operators equipped with the proper skills and knowledge for hauling wrecked vehicles.

Flatbed Towing

There are instances when you would prefer to have your car flatbed towed rather than the traditional way of towing, like when your car is too damaged, too heavy, needs to move a long distance, among others. Mostly, flatbed towing is used for limited-edition, luxury, and vintage vehicles for extra care and safety. With that, we use quality flatbed trucks with a hydraulic platform that lowers to the ground for a safer car hauling.

Long Distance Towing

If you get stuck in a place where there’s no one to call for help, P-Town Tow Truck is always here to rescue you. We understand that it can be frustrating to be stuck in an unfamiliar place for a long time. Hence, we aim to give you not just 24-hours of excellent service but also the fastest response, too. So, there’s no need for you to worry anymore about your unfortunate situation in the middle of the road. It doesn’t matter where you are located. Our Paterson long distance towing service will get you home in no time!

Small Vehicle Towing

In case you need your passenger car hauled, P-Town Tow Truck has the right tow truck for you. Whether you experience car breakdowns on a busy road or in a strange place, we can provide you with an efficient tow truck flexible enough to maneuver narrow routes along the way.

Vehicle Storage

There are unexpected instances where your car needs recovery services in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, most auto services shops are already closed, and some of their storefronts may not have any available parking space. With that, you have to think of ways you can find a place to park your vehicle, whether it be in garages or junkyards. Good thing that P-Town Tow Truck service can help you with that. There’s no need for you to spend your whole night outside when you’re supposed to be sleeping comfortably in your bed.

Looking for a highly-reputable tow truck company that can save you from getting stranded somewhere in the Paterson area? Then your search is over because P-Town Tow Truck is here to help you. Stay calm and dial (973) 559-5905 now!