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Car Won’t Start?

No car breaks down in the “right moment.” Imagine if you’re late for work and you’re rushing out after breakfast. You quickly enter your vehicle and turn the key, but don’t hear the engine starting. Your car won’t start, and you can’t figure out why. There’s nothing worse than beginning the morning with a vehicle that won’t go anywhere due to a dead battery. Most people don’t have mechanical tools in the trunk of their car. When your vehicle doesn’t start and gets stuck with a dead battery, you feel somewhat helpless. However, do not give up immediately if your car does not start.

Knowing the common causes of why a car does not start could help identify the issue. Some issues even have simple solutions, allowing you to hit the road quickly. Although many things may go wrong with your car, you don’t need to worry because there is a solution for almost every issue. Of course, you can call any Paterson tow service, but you’ll want to find one with 24/7 towing services with dead battery jumpstart services to have your vehicle recovered asap. But if you want to know why your car won’t start, then read further. Once you know where things are going wrong, you’ll better understand why your car won’t start and what to do. Here’s 9 reasons why your car won’t start and how you may solve the problem.

Reasons why car won’t start


1.  You are out of fuel.

Did you run out of gas? You don’t have to discuss the importance of gasoline with the engine. Lack of fuel is a common reason why vehicles don’t start. Some drivers make it a bad habit to leave the fuel level too low. Be sure to check your fuel gauge if your vehicle won’t start. Low fuel levels can prevent fuel from burning, leaving your vehicle motionless. If your car runs out of gas and you cannot get to a gas station, this Paterson tow company can help you with fuel delivery services to get you back on the road.

 2.  Your car’s steering wheel is locked.

An odd type of anti-theft mechanism can be responsible: If your wheel is caught in a locked position, your may not not start. Push it back and forth a bit while turning the button to start your ignition. 

3.  Car Security System Issues

Today, many car models are now designed and equipped with a safety system. This function is generally programmed in your car keys. Whenever you use the key, the car will check the encrypted data for validity. However, the validation process does not always go well. Most electronics may run into a small risk of malfunction. If this occurs, your car will have a hard time understanding and that you are attempting to enter illegally. As a result, it will stop you or even allow you to start the car engine.

4.  The fuel filter is clogged.

From transporting gasoline to the tanker of your car, all sorts of dirt get sucked into the engine. Fuel filters will prevent contaminants from reaching the fuel injectors. The fuel filter blocks contaminants in your gasoline before it reaches the fuel injectors. When the fuel filter is obstructed, the fuel pump will be forced to work harder. This may cause severe damages to your fuel pump. It can also make it difficult for your car to start because it requires the proper mixture of air and gas. A replacement usually is necessary if this is the issue. Paterson tow service will be able to help you resolve your car problem and replace your damaged fuel pump. The Paterson towing company will assist you and serve you an exceptional quality service.

 5.  Your car starter stops.

When you turn on the key and switch on the ignition, an electric motor connected to the car battery turns the engine on to start it. It is the starter’s responsibility to run and operate the motor physically. If it does not respond or emits a horrible crashing noise, it is time to call an expert such as the Paterson towing service.

 6.  Your key needs to be in close proximity.

Modern push-button cars require that the key fob be inside or very close to the vehicle to start up. If you’ve left your keys in a coat pocket or outside the vehicle then your engine may not start. This is a safety feature that will help you not lose your keys. Always remember and make sure to check that your key is with you, so you don’t have to hire a Paterson unlocking service.

7.  You are not allowed to drive because you are still in “drive.”

Another possible reason your car does not start is that it’s still in drive. If you forget to put your vehicle in park and take the keys out, then your vehicle won’t start. If you’ve done this, then hopefully you’re “parked” on flat ground and haven’t left your vehicle yet. In order to start your vehicle, you’ll need to switch gears out of the car’s drive or reverse position and shift it into park and then try turning the ignition again.

8.  All right, time for a new timing belt.

If your motor does not turn, there is a risk that the timing belt will be broken. This is a serious matter that you will need a mechanic to solve. A reputable 24/7 towing company can help and assist you regarding this issue. A jumpstart service nearby may also be able to help you. The timing belt provides for the opening and closing of the engine valves at the appropriate interval so that the valves and pistons never touch each other. The timing belt is a key service element within your engine. An inoperative timing belt can cause catastrophic damage to the engine requiring engine replacement.

9.  You’re still not buckled up.

Believe it or not, some cars will only start when the safety belts are secured. It is for safety, but at the same time, it can be quite frustrating when you forget your seatbelt and fail to start your car.