This year 40,000 severe and fatal accidents were recorded by the US Government, with over 90 fatalities documented. The top causes of these accidents were speeding, reckless driving, and most commonly—drunk driving.Unfortunately, car accidents are inevitable. Cars get into accidents, have engine failure, and experience tire problems. If these things happened, who are you going to call? Not Ghostbusters, but a Towing Service

To begin, let’s define what a towing service is–

When your car is inoperable, a tow truck will be summoned to collect and transport your car to its destination. The benefits of calling a Towing Service include:

1. Most TOWING SERVICES work around the clock, 24/7

Availability is a major focal point for towing services. When you’re caught in an unexpected situation in the middle of the night and your car can go no further, call a tow service. You’ll be met where you are and your car will get towed to wherever it needs to go. 

2. TOWING SERVICES are fast and reliable

Not only are they available 24/7, but towing services are also quick. Before you know it, the towing service will be with you and ready to get you on your way. 

3. AFFORDABLE prices offered:

Unfortunately, many people worry that if they call a towing service, they’ll have a big bill to pay afterward, particularly if the towing company is far away. What a stressful moment, right? Distance is the major factor in determining cost, but most towing services offer budget-friendly pricing. Typically,  a 5 to 10 mile-tow may cost around $50 to $120. For longer towing services, it would be charged by the mile. 

4. TRUSTED by clients

Our towing service company staff is approachable and easy to speak with. We understand this situation is stressful and you may be panicked, our staff is standing by to help you through the moment and get you help fast. 

5. Quality service by TOWING SERVICE

The towing vehicles used for towing are top of the line kind in their industry and sure to service your car safely. Your car will be well cared for with these vehicles. 

6. INSURANCE guaranteed

The final 5-Star Benefit of Towing Service Companies is guaranteed insurance—particularly in good ol’ Virginia. Since car accidents in the US are increasing, a lot of towing companies are coordinating fully with auto car companies to get you covered.

Again, an accident can happen unexpectedly. If this happens to you, then call a local towing service! This is around the clock service with 24/7 availability. Call us now or visit our site!